Financial Coaching

I offer a complimentary 90-Minute Session to get to know each other and see if we’re compatible.

I promise no pushy sales as I don’t sell products or investments. I won’t ask for money or commitment at the end of the session.

No further obligation on your part.  If it’s right, it’s right and we’ll talk about a coaching relationship.

More B.A.N.K. For Your Buck!

Online Class

Do you need help, and is self-study at your own pace more your style?

My online course features the same building blocks, dialog, forms and instruction that I use in my one-on-one session.

In addition, get access to my Private Facebook Group, Monthly Group Calls and even a beginner Private One-On-One Session with me.


Do you need a speaker for an event or luncheon?

I’ll enliven your next meeting or conference with my passion for helping others become the best they can be in the area of personal finances and leadership.

My enthusiastic and dynamic communication style makes me a uniquely qualified speaker on a host of intriguing topics as they relate to financial wellness and leadership.

My Story

Dating back to the very first lemonade stands and paper routes, my parents always taught me to save money.  I fondly remember my first piggy bank, plastic toy safe with a real working combination, various lock boxes and hiding places for savings.


I never really got into the habit of asking my parents for money.  If I wanted something, I knew that I had to work, save money and then purchase the item that I wanted.  I instruct parents to teach those same habits to kids today.


That learned behavior instilled a good work ethic in me that I practice to this day.  Because of that, I really didn’t have a huge problem with debt until I “needed” to have things I really couldn’t afford after I had moved out of my parents house.


I always remembered my parents advice and was afraid to go too far into debt.  However, furniture and cars were calling my name and like so many fell into the trap of charging items that I didn’t have the cash for.


Luckily that behavior didn’t last too long as the thought of having to send part of my paycheck to someone else didn’t feel so hot.  I would rather save.  So, as a result and having married the same personality type, my debt was short-lived with the exception of a house and some money that I had borrowed for investments.


My wife and I worked hard to get our home and all debts paid in full and live a debt-free lifestyle.  If we want to invest, we pay cash.  Period. I don’t recommend borrowing money to invest.


One cannot imagine the freedom that comes with having no obligations for things you can’t afford to pay cash for.  My passion is helping you get to this point financially, and it’s usually easier than one might imagine.


And this mindset really has nothing to do with how much money one makes or has, but a deep rooted belief system of priorities, delayed gratification, living below your means, but most importantly having the time of your life at the same time.


Come join me!  I’ll show you how!

What My Customers Have to Say

Ryan & Destrey
New Mexico

“We have security in knowing that we have a rock-solid plan for the future. Before long we’ll be completely debt free and in position to start our family.”

“I finally reached out because I felt an obligation to better manage my money and provide for my son. I fearfully took the leap of faith and trusted the process that Greg teaches.”



Troy & Kara

“After working with Greg we find ourselves in control of our money, communicating better and paying off debt like crazy!


Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts, viewpoints and experiences regarding personal finances.

Operate or Co-Operate?

Operate or Co-Operate?

“I will be with you.” That’s the simplest, shortest explanation of the two points that I deal with as I visit with couples and individuals all over the world!

Point 1

First as couples you must say to each other, “I will be with you” when it comes to your financial journey.

Financial organization and decision making is HARD! You’ll have several million dollars passing through your bank accounts during your lifetime.  There’s no way one spouse should be expected to handle that responsibility.

Are you operating as individuals or co-operating as a team? […]

Look Before You Leap!

Look Before You Leap!

Look before you leap is a common saying that simply means think carefully about what you are about to do before you do it.

Sometimes we rush into financial decisions without weighing all of the outcomes. […]

Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do

This is a bit of a different type of post.
I simply am overwhelmed with the success I get to be a part of when people improve or enhance their financial position.
I have been coaching really ever since I had employees in my business that I started 25+ years ago. As many of you know, I really had a desire and passion to work one on one with folks as opposed to the daily rigors of running a 10-person business.


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