Operate or Co-Operate?

February 9th, 2017 Posted by Personal Finances 0 thoughts on “Operate or Co-Operate?”

“I will be with you.” That’s the simplest, shortest explanation of the two points that I deal with as I visit with couples and individuals all over the world!

Point 1

First as couples you must say to each other, “I will be with you” when it comes to your financial journey.

Financial organization and decision making is HARD! You’ll have several million dollars passing through your bank accounts during your lifetime.  There’s no way one spouse should be expected to handle that responsibility.

Are you operating as individuals or co-operating as a team?

The best tip on how to plan as a team is to sit down once a month and discuss your income and expenses. If you don’t have, make time. It’s important. Or schedule some time with me. We’ll do it together.

Point 2

Single or married, the aspect that I love about coaching is helping others and cheering and encouraging while holding people accountable.

My office or Skype session is not the principal’s office, and I don’t ever want to put out that vibe. “I’ll be with you” is the message that I want to portray as I help others with the delicate subject of money management.

Sometimes there are arguments. Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes there is tough love. But 100% of the time, there is SUCCESS if you continue on the plan that we lay out together.

So, regardless of your situation: Wealth Building, Improving Communication, Tackling Debt, Budgeting, Retirement Planning, Crisis Intervention just know that I WILL BE WITH YOU as long as you don’t quit.

P.S. I love my job!

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