Why I Do What I Do

July 26th, 2017 Posted by Personal Finances 0 thoughts on “Why I Do What I Do”
This is a bit of a different type of post.
I simply am overwhelmed with the success I get to be a part of when people improve or enhance their financial position.
I have been coaching really ever since I had employees in my business that I started 25+ years ago. As many of you know, I really had a desire and passion to work one on one with folks as opposed to the daily rigors of running a 10-person business.

So, of course I sold and have not looked back. I look forward each and every day as I get to visit one on one with so many different wonderful people. Some reading this are friends and family and some of you reading this have never heard of me, and that’s OK. You’ll see at the bottom of this post why I am writing.
Others are current and past clients. Some have simply said hello, some have heard me speak or some have simply turned down my coaching services, and that’s OK!
The success stories, tears, joys and struggles are far too numerous to mention and they continue to grow as we meet face-to-face or online. It’s amazing that I have relationships literally all over the world.
There are a couple of common issues that come to mind as I write:
1. All of us, myself included, want to put ourselves in a better financial position so that we can serve others and have peace in our lives!
2. There is such a sense of community as we help each other change behavior and experience success that people don’t get until they experience it.
That success and experience isn’t measured by zeros. It’s measured by cheerleading, praying, celebrating, laughing and crying together as we navigate this thing called our financial lives.
The natural byproduct is a bunch of financial wins that seemingly come about too slowly. But, through continued support the wins materialize right before our very eyes! That’s exciting!
My hours are limited in a day. The bummer is that as my schedule is full, I simply can’t meet with more people.
So, in order to increase success and reach more people, I have created a FREE MINI 5-Day Money Challenge for EVERYONE including clients, non-clients, tire kickers. It doesn’t matter!
Regardless of your financial position the challenge is a series of emails and small daily tasks to help you find extra money that you can use each month.
Hopefully, that extra money will reduce a bit of stress, put extra in savings or help you pay off some debt or save for that special event.
In addition to the daily emails, I’ll invite you to a brand new Private Facebook Group where we all support and encourage each other. I’ll also host a live Q&A each day.
This is my attempt to share experiences that so many people continue to use to find that extra money.
I invite you to be a part of the FREE 5-Day Money Challenge.
I sincerely hope you join our growing group, and I’ll see you on the inside!

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