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More B.A.N.K. Online Course


Get My Complete Online Personal Finance Course & Tons Of Bonuses!


Here’s What You Get:


• One Private Coaching Session With Me

• Downloadable Forms

• Private Facebook Group Access

• Tons of Bonuses

• and the Following Awesome Self-Paced Modules:


Module 1: Your Money Language


Are you a saver, spender, impulse buyer, tightwad? Learn where that branding came from and how to EMBRACE who you are financially and simply plan in accordance to your money language.


Module 2: Your Monthly Budget


My easy-to-follow budget forms and tutorial on how to put together a budget in as little as 15 minutes and more importantly to stick to it.


Module 3: Your Monthly Budget


No more worrying about what to pay out of each check and no more running low in your checking account and no more overdrafts! Learn how to eliminate stress and worry using my PAYDAY DISTRIBUTION method.


Module 4: Your Priority List & Eliminating Debt


I’ll teach you how to eliminate debt IN THE RIGHT ORDER! I’ve found that without a plan many people throw money at several different bills and feel as if they aren’t making progress.


Module 5: Extra Money, Irregular Income & THE MAGIC FORMULA


Maybe you don’t budget because of irregular income. I’ll show you how to overcome the feast or famine mentality and use my MAGIC FORMULA on what to do with extra money.


Module 6: Kids & Money


I’ll show you how my Mom and Dad had me manage money as a 9 year old boy. You can pass the same teachings on to your kids and set them up for financial success at a very early age.




Investing 101


This bonus is HUGE! I’ll explain the difference between stocks and mutual funds and show you how and when to start investing. I’ll also explain the four key numbers to look for in your work retirement plans. In addition, I’ll give you my investing strategy that consistently earns me 10% to 12% rate of return year after year.


101 Money Saving Ideas


Wow! This downloadable booklet will alone pay for the course fee of More B.A.N.K. For Your Buck! It contains money saving tips in many categories including grocery shopping, medical, travel and more!


10 Freebies On Your Birthday


Here’s a fun bonus that will show you how to get a bunch of free stuff on your birthday. I’ll show you how to get a free breakfast, lunch, car wash, movie and more.


Coach Greg’s Driving Lessons


These are a bunch of short videos that I record while driving dealing with several financial issues that effect us daily. For example, are autografts convenient or costing you money? I am always adding to this library. Sometimes you might even hear a rant or two!


The Birds & Bees of Personal Finances


Three generations of family members are impacted. You might have adult children. You might be an adult child. Or you might be both.

The Wall Street Journal reports that nearly 50% of adult children have witnessed a diminishing ability among their parents when it comes to handling financial affairs.

More importantly those adult children are thrust into the role of decision making with no prior knowledge of affairs.

Part of leaving a legacy and good stewardship includes having THE talk with your adult children.

This AWESOME BONUS will give you tips, guidelines and even a comprehensive checklist of what family members need to discuss and how.

Prepare your legacy. Don’t just leave it for your loved ones to figure out.


Meet Your Host – Greg Pare

Among other career successes, Greg built a multi-million dollar technology company from scratch, which he sold after 20 years of ownership.

His careful management of both his company’s finances as well as his personal finances, together with his training qualifies him to coach others.

Throw in some awesome money mangagement he learned from Mom & Dad and he’s ready to teach you! He is passionate about helping others be at peace with their finances.

He co-founded, co-authored the Personal Finance Playbook series and now devotes his time encouraging others through coaching and speaking.


If you complete the included Private Coaching Session and don’t feel hopeful or that the content isn’t what you had anticipated, I’ll refund your money with no questions asked. So really you don’t have anything to lose and tons to gain!